Now available paperback version ‘This is Service Design Thinking’

A set of 23 international authors created this interdisciplinary publication applying exactly the same user-centered and co-creative approach it preaches.

This publication outlines a contemporary approach for service innovation. ‘This is Service Design Thinking’ introduces a new way of thinking to beginners but also serves as a reference for professionals. It explains the approach, its background, process, methods and tools and connects theory to contemporary case studies.

How to design and market services to create outstanding Customer Experiences? We use the book as a source of knowledge and inspiration during and after many of our trainings.

A paperback version is available now. Click here to read the first chapter online.

How Coca-Cola used Service Design to take a human-centred approach to HR

Service design has allowed us to achieve a structured understanding of how to ensure a desirable service experience.

What service design has done is allow us to achieve for the first time a structured understanding of how to ensure a desirable service experience. It helps us redesign our services based on customer journey maps, prototypes and service blueprints.

To do this we brought in a great service design agency, DesignThinkers Group based in Amsterdam, who worked closely with our HR team and employees from across the company. We also created two design councils – HR Design Council and Customer Voice Design Council – to gather essential insights and draw up a customer journey map for GBS services.

The result is a complete service experience that is intuitive and enjoyable, and incorporates mobile and digital technologies. To get there we needed to engage with stakeholders worldwide, working across the functional silos, to design a seamless end-to-end service.

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Design Thinking Publication ‘Designing with Customer Journey Mapping’

In the process of designing new and innovative services, the Customer Journey Mapping methodology builds a mirror and enables us to question why organisations and customers do the things they do.

In a highly competitive, complex and volatile marketplace, it is becoming more and more important for companies and organisations to focus on the experiences that customers have with their products and services.

To underpin its focus on helping the Taiwanese service industry become more innovative, CDRI has launched the CustomerJourney Mapping methodology in cooperation with DesignThinkers Group as a service to the market.

The Customer Journey Mapping methodology will help businesses in the service industry unleash collaborative creativity and come up with innovative new service concepts.

The service is delivered in a facilitative approach, where all stakeholders invest in an effort to define innovative service concepts, while also determining what it will take to implement these new collaborative co-creation methods within their organisation.

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Developing Strategic Design Services and Building Communities


We strongly believe that design can be used more effectively at a strategic level in organisations.

At DesignThinkers Group & Academy offer more than traditional design services. This led us to develop and offer our clients a wide range of strategic design services. Our innovation offerings include the facilitation and design of brands, products, services and networks through a co-creation of value with stakeholders.
We realised from our work with companies that the need to offer innovation facilitators comes from companies struggling to collaborate internally. Organisations generally work in silos and are organised around market driven efficiency. While this has been a successful approach, a majority of the time companies can have great visions and values that are not translated into their everyday key performance indicators (KPIs).
Our innovation facilitators help organisations create new collaborations and translate values into meaningful services for people and the stakeholders involved. As facilitators we bring an outside view in, to reinvent collaborations internally to create a culture of trust. As we bring people together we are able to get stakeholders involved in the problem, exchanging information, exploring and trying out new ways of working towards a solution.