Customer Journey Mapping for Financial Services at ING Accelerators


ING Netherlands has commissioned DesignThinkers Group to train and develop Customer Journey Mapping capabilities of the bank Financial Services team.

The project is structured and developed in a co-creation effort together with the client's team in an Accelerator format.


The first step will be to facilitate a pilot case in the Accelerator using the Customer Journey Mapping methodology, using the ‘Learning-by-Doing approach. In this way the core team ING Netherlands can get in-depth knowledge of this tool.

This phase leads to the design of the complete training for the whole team and then to its execution by the different squads in sprints of 1-2 weeks. After the pilot case, we will implement the Accelerators in other countries.

Mobility Campaign for Ministry of Infrastructure designing with CJM


The Ministry of Infrastructure of the Netherlands commissoned DesignThinkers Group for the design of a national Campaign to get attention for mobility issues.

The results of the Campaign using CJM have been used in a national contest for an award winning mobility Service Concept.


The campaign was set up as a research effort in co-creating with travellers in mobile Customer Journey Mapping spaces. As part of the team implementing the national Campaign we did have an active role to manage the expectations of all stakeholders involved, keeping the Design Thinking mindset alive to activate conversations and come up with great ideas to be implemented as spin-off of the project.

Designing with Customer Journey Mapping for Hospitality Services Government of Taiwan


Commissioned by CDRI (Commerce Development Research Institute) – Research Think Tank of the Taiwanese Government, to underpin its focus on helping the Taiwanese service industry become more innovative.

Explore, design and visualize new innovative Customer Journey Maps and Service Scenarios for improving the ‘in-store’ Customer Experience.


CDRI helps improve and promote value-added services that create employment opportunities, improve quality of life, and act as an engine for economic growth.

The main objective of the project included: Training and coaching a Team of Marketing Specialists and Managers of a chain of restaurants. Providing guidance for doing Qualitative Research and designing and visualizing new innovative Customer Journey Scenarios. Facilitating the co-creation process with internal stakeholders and customers during building and implementation of the new Service Scenarios.
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