Design Thinking Publication ‘Designing with Customer Journey Mapping’

In the process of designing new and innovative services, the Customer Journey Mapping methodology builds a mirror and enables us to question why organisations and customers do the things they do.

In a highly competitive, complex and volatile marketplace, it is becoming more and more important for companies and organisations to focus on the experiences that customers have with their products and services.

To underpin its focus on helping the Taiwanese service industry become more innovative, CDRI has launched the CustomerJourney Mapping methodology in cooperation with DesignThinkers Group as a service to the market.

The Customer Journey Mapping methodology will help businesses in the service industry unleash collaborative creativity and come up with innovative new service concepts.

The service is delivered in a facilitative approach, where all stakeholders invest in an effort to define innovative service concepts, while also determining what it will take to implement these new collaborative co-creation methods within their organisation.

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