Design Thinking Conference ‘Through Different Eyes’ – 10-11 OCTOBER 2019 AMSTERDAM

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Through Different Eyes. We live in the same world, but not in the same reality.

The Design Thinking Conference is an interactive and high-energy gathering of experienced design thinking practitioners from around the world. We offer a platform to share knowledge and further your understanding of what is driving the changes we all experience in today’s world.

The Design Thinking Conference is not a traditional conference, but highly inspired by theatre. We have developed an experimental and exciting new format to challenge both the speakers (our actors) and the audience (supporting actors).

With this conference we aim to shake you up and enrich you with new insights, not just leave you comfortable and confirmed in your beliefs. No preaching to the converted, but experimenting, experiencing, having fun and being surprised.



We’ve chosen the theme “Through Different Eyes” focusing on the importance of empathy and how we experience reality in different ways. This is a very topical theme, connecting to the discussion on our polarizing societies, and it also allows us to explore empathy, a key quality of the design thinking mindset. We have invited an amazing group of people, our members of the cast, to help us look for the boundaries of empathy and how they overcame them.

The exciting new format of the conference, inspired by theatre, will help both speakers and audiences be engaged and surprised. In the true spirit of design thinking we will question everything, so prepare to be challenged.


We believe that new approaches are emerging because our world needs new solutions to solve the problems we are facing. Design thinking, and other human centric approaches, is emerging as a result. It is a symptom, not an end.

The mission of the Design Thinking Conference is to keep the conversation on design thinking moving forward and push the boundaries as far as we possibly can.


The Design Thinking Conference is developed by DesignThinkers Academy in partnership with PARK.



Truly deep diving this awesome but somewhat adolescent topic…

For whom?

For design thinkers.
Professionals that do it.
In their own organizations or with other organizations.


Because these design thinkers are ready to take the next step.
It is time to truly deep dive design thinking.  


Deep diving design thinking means critically looking at it.
Constructively discussing it.
Surprising ourselves with fresh perspectives.  

Can we please take our own medicine?
Let’s reframe.  Are we sure about the problems we’re solving?
Let’s truly discuss empathy. Can you actually be truly emphatic?
Let’s experiment. Can we test out new perspectives?
Let’s envision. How far can we bring it till it breaks?


No definitions. We kind of know them by now.
No showcases. Seen them.
No tools. We know where to find these.
But inspirations to question oneself, through debates to get further, perspectives outside our comfort zones.
All in togetherness and positivism, and with a bit of lightness ;-).



For details about location, speakers, calendar and workshops, visit our conference website!