DTG launches DesignThinkers Academy ‘Learning-by-Doing’

Our mission is to provide space and time for teams and individuals to be inspired and challenged, to learn by doing and strengthen their ability for creative problem solving.

In order to strengthen our client’s capabilities to innovate we felt it was important to embed the required skills in their organisation. This is why we set up the DesignThinkers Academy to offer and co-create Training Programs for Professionals and Teams in Corporate and Governmental environments, Study Tours, Masterclasses, Summer Schools and Personal Coaching.

We strongly believe in ‘Learning by Doing’, so our training sessions are high energy and hands-on events. In all of them, participants are challenged to work in small teams on a real case and learn to work with Service Design and Design Thinking tools like Personas, Cultural Probes, Customer Journey Mapping, Stakeholder Mapping, Value Network Mapping, Prototyping, Business Modeling, Road Mapping and more.

The Masterclasses from the DT Academy with top professionals from the Service Design field and the hands-on training inspired my work as a human centered design consultant and trainer. It was a wonderful experience. Thanks DT Academy! (Alexander Faga, Swisscom)

For the year overview of the DesignThinkers Academy training sessions click here.