Developing Strategic Design Services and Building Communities


We strongly believe that design can be used more effectively at a strategic level in organisations.

At DesignThinkers Group & Academy offer more than traditional design services. This led us to develop and offer our clients a wide range of strategic design services. Our innovation offerings include the facilitation and design of brands, products, services and networks through a co-creation of value with stakeholders.
We realised from our work with companies that the need to offer innovation facilitators comes from companies struggling to collaborate internally. Organisations generally work in silos and are organised around market driven efficiency. While this has been a successful approach, a majority of the time companies can have great visions and values that are not translated into their everyday key performance indicators (KPIs).
Our innovation facilitators help organisations create new collaborations and translate values into meaningful services for people and the stakeholders involved. As facilitators we bring an outside view in, to reinvent collaborations internally to create a culture of trust. As we bring people together we are able to get stakeholders involved in the problem, exchanging information, exploring and trying out new ways of working towards a solution.


The awareness of Design Thinking is growing


Design Thinking will be a part of everyday work and it will be a means how company culture and behavior functions; not as an add-on, gimmick or workshop, but as a part of culture and behavior.

It is growing because many companies are stuck within their own business model. They find it very difficult to change, but they need to because their market, their customers’ expectations and the employee expectations are changing. This is also about retaining a customer and entrepreneurial mentality in your organization.
The business model and organizational model is usually broken. So there are a lot of questions out there, and they want to use a methodology that helps them. Design Thinking offers the necessary holistic approach. It is very helpful for companies with those needs. So it is not because Design Thinking is new or because it is so brilliant. It is just because companies have a need, and Design Thinking addresses that need.
Ideally nobody will talk about Design Thinking, because it is part of what you do, it is part of your DNA. It is not a special kind of thing what you do, it is about culture and behavior, ideally that would be the future: a change in mindset culture and behavior.

Our Social Innovation Team promotes Social Impact and Sustainability all around the globe


Our goal is to strengthen our client's capabilities to innovate and enable the Co-Creation of Value with all Stakeholders and create Sustainable Business based on a long term and Human Centred Vision.

Our Social Innovation team works with organizations promoting social impact and sustainability all around the world, both at social enterprises, governments, NGO’s, CSR departments of large and small companies and other organisations.
DesignThinkers has 18 teams located in Europe, UK, Latin America, North America, Asia, Australia and Africa.